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WhiteFire 65mm Heart, Blue Velvet Lined Casket

WhiteFire 65mm Heart, Blue Velvet Lined Casket

a very special present

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WhiteFire 65mm Heart, small is precious with the optical crystal facet heart paperweight. Engraved as a testament of a present given with love it stands as a timeless treasure, enhancing any home.

Engraving Tips

Fewer words allow for a larger, more prominent name as the focal point. A simple 'x', or kiss~heart~kiss can say 'Love From' succinctly to convey affection elegantly.

Blue Velvet Lined Presentation

  • Presented in its own blue velvet presentation box
  • Sandblasted with Contemporary Lettering
  • Flawless Optical Crystal

Dimension:   H 48  ⌀ 65  ⚖ 0.22kg

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