Engraving Instructions

Provide Your Instructions: Use the message box to detail your engraving preferences. Start with the names, followed by any specific message, and conclude with the date. Each element should ideally occupy its own line for clarity and impact.

Review Proof if Uncertain: Should any part of your instructions be unclear, we'll send you a proof. Approving this may add an extra day to your delivery time. You can also request a proof for your peace of mind.

Character Count Flexibility: While there’s no character limit, we recommend separate lines for names, dates, and sentiments like 'Love From' for immediate comprehension. For more extensive text, choose our sandblasted engraving, ensuring each word stands out clearly and has greater impact.

Engraving Customisation Options: Choose between 'Names' or 'Initials'. 'Date' can be replaced with 'Congratulations' or the specific an 'Occasion'. Include 'Love From' for a personal touch. Each line is interchangeable, offering flexibility in creating your personalised engraving.

Punctuation for Clarity: Commas and full stops are typically avoided to enhance the visual impact. We arrange the wording across different lines for ease of reading. Punctuation will be used only if it's essential for understanding.

By following these steps, your engraved message will be laid out with the utmost care for the best display, ensuring that the sentiment is both impactful and easily appreciated.


Option for Champagne Delivery: For your convenience, you can order your preferred champagne to be delivered directly to our engraving studio. Arrange for your selected bottle to be shipped to:

Semantics Glass Engraving Studio
33 Grove Road
BN21 4TT
01323 401474

Please ensure that the bottle is securely packaged for safe arrival. Should you have any queries or specific instructions regarding the delivery, feel free to contact us via phone or email.


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Tom McNaughton

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Very impressed with the service provided by Ben. Lots of selection available and engraving was top notch. Would highly recommend!