The image displays an elegant gin glass with a long stem and a broad bowl. It features a personalized hand-engraving that reads "Hayley’s Glass" with a kiss in a cursive hand-engraved script that sits in a large heart that frames. The heart begins on the front, finishes at the back of the glass, and has 3 Swarovski crystals. The glass is set against a dark backdrop which enhances the clarity of the glass and the detail of the engraving.

Our Engraved Glassware Collection

Venture on a journey of elegance with our Engraved Glassware Collection. Here, the timeless sophistication of glass engraving meets contemporary style, crafting pieces perfect for celebrating every significant milestone with timeless beauty.

Engraved Glassware
An upright optical crystal plaque that catches and reflects the light. It is engraved with the name "Harry" in a bold, cursive font. Above the name, there are two small, detailed baby footprints coloured in blue. Below the name, the text "On Your Christening 9th February 2014 x" is inscribed in a clear, legible font. The plaque serves as a keepsake to commemorate Harry's christening day. The crystal's transparency and the engraved details are set against a dark background, enhancing their visibility.

Optical Crystal & Jade Glass Engraved Blocks Collection

Discover the artistry in our Optical Crystal & Jade Glass Engraved Blocks Collection. Each piece showcases the precision of meticulous sandblast engraving combined with vibrant colour inlays. These engraved gifts offer unmatched depth, vibrancy, and timeless elegance - perfect for those seeking a truly unique and personalised touch.

Sandblast Engraved Glass and Crystal Blocks
A tall, 30cm Diamante Conical Vase with Heart Shaped Cutting with 3 Swarovski® Crystals with "Rosie & Stefano With Love On Your Wedding Day 28th October 2023 x ♡ x" engraved amidst elegant heart-shaped designs and a pair of sparkling crystals, creating a beautiful, personalized wedding memento.

Engraved Glass Vase Collection

Delve into the exquisite world of our Engraved Glass Vase Collection, a harmonious blend of traditional hand engraving and precise sandblast engraving. Ideal for commemorating life's special moments, each vase in this collection stands as a testament to intricate artistry and enduring elegance.

Hand Engraved and Sandblast Engraved Vases
The image shows a clear glass pyramid with a personalized engraving. The engraving includes the name "Joe" in stylized script at the center, surrounded by decorative elements such as stars and what appears to be the number "30" in a larger font size. Below the name, there is a date "28th January, 2024" and a sentimental message "Love You Always Mum & Dad xx". The background is blurred, emphasizing the pyramid and its engravings.

Star Engraved Gifts Collection

Unveil the extraordinary in our Star Engraved Gifts Collection at Semantics Glass Engraving Studio. Featuring unique, intricately detailed engraved masterpieces, this collection is a testament to creativity and exceptional craftsmanship, turning every gift into an irreplaceable treasure.

The Best of our Engraved Gifts

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Fantastic service. I was taken through all glassware and engraving options and within an hour I had a beautiful gift for someone to cherish. I highly recommend this shop for anyone looking for a meaningful and unique present.