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9.5cm Optical Crystal Ice Block

9.5cm Optical Crystal Ice Block

a very special present

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Elegantly crafted, the lead crystal Ice Block paperweights serve as distinguished gifts. Choose a Red Heart, Baby Feet, a Gold Star or anything else. Each is presented in a unique presentation box, ready to impress its recipient. To make it truly unique, a secret message can be engraved underneath on the base, allowing you to convey a personal touch with sentiments like "Love From".

Tips: Don't forget to request a 'red heart', 'gold star' or 'baby feet', and add a kiss on the front and 3 secret kisses when you say 'Love From' in the secret message underneath

  • Presented in its own presentation box 
  • Sandblasted with Contemporary Lettering
  • Flawless Optical Crystal

Dimension:   H 75  W 95   D 22  ⚖ 0.25kg

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